Ling Fluent

Ling Fluent was developed by a Danish polyglot and specialist in the field of neurolinguistics as an alternative learning method. A system of interactive flashcards benefits from brain's natural preferences, connecting image processing by the left hemisphere with the reception of the verbal content by the right hemisphere. Ling Fluent engages several senses in the learning process, while a network of associations thus developed makes new words and expressions sink in for a longer time compared to other forms of memorisation. The process is as follows:

Step 1. You see the word (vision) → Step 2. You hear a word (hearing) → Step 3. You learn its meaning (comprehension)

With Ling Fluent mind assimilates foreign expressions automatically, like the native language learned in childhood. The grouping of expressions in several categories allows memorizing words on the basis of similarities, and each of them is cognizable in the natural language environment, which are of the view. What's more, studies have shown that up to five Ling Fluent accelerates the process of remembering!

Thanks to Ling Fluent the brain automatically absorbs new expressions in a manner similar to early childhood learning. Expressions are divided into several categories, which helps to remember the words by association. Each of them is introduced with a linguistic context, i.e. in sample sentences. Moreover, research has shown that Ling Fluent can make the memorisation process even five times faster. Through this innovative method that shapes cognitive linguistic patterns the Ling Fluent platform allows its users to communicate freely in a given language already after 4 weeks of learning. It also prevents quick forgetting of new words and allows to quickly get a grasp of basics of several different languages!

If you are looking for learning without books, tedious repetitions and memorising vocabulary, Ling Fluent is the best choice for you.


  • Being able to communicate in 30 days
  • Up to 200 new words and expressions per day
  • You decide about the learning times
  • 8 popular European languages

Veronica, 27 y/o

It is a great solution for commuters. Now instead of seeing my hours pass by on my way to work I learn French with Ling Fluent.

Thomas, 20 y/o

Amazing results. For the first time I managed to learn a so many new words in the first week, although I have never been good at languages. I recommend Ling Fluent!

Beatrice, 34 y/o

It is irreplaceable! With Ling Fluent I quickly learned English before moving to England. After one month I had no problems conversing in this language!


The Ling Fluent course consists of about 1500 flashcards with vocabulary divided into 15 categories. Each of them contains about 100 expressions connected with a given topic, together with sample sentences. The Ling Fluent platform may be accessed on your PC or on any mobile device. A special system monitors your learning progress.

Ling Fluent is available in three packages. The VIP package has 4 extra categories: business, job interview, English for construction industry and English for nurses and caretakers.







Being able to communicate in any language after 30 days? Ling Fluent makes it possible. Order this innovative platform today and start learning on a completely new level.